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Company News >> Trading company or factory?My experience sharing with you

 Today one of my potential customer called me.
He is purchaser of one big company but what he calls to tell is they won't cooperate with trading company but only factory.
What he worries about is cost,communication and aftersale service.
I smiled when i heard this.
And i confirm he is not successful purchaser and his company purchasing cost may be high.
Do you know what is core competition of company which makes him long top in market?
That is R&D,marketing not purchasing.
As we know many big international companies groups,they keep R&D,marketing in hand,
ask agents or trading company to help purchase.

First we say cost,
As we know every factory has his own management cost,factory warehouse renting cost,human resource cost etc.
Which varies from factory to factory.
For my experience,i have ever worked for many different companies and i see some factory management cost is up to 20% of price,
some is just 10% etc.
Supposed the two factories get raw materials same cost,but their other costs is different,so final quotation is different.

Then we talk about communication,most factory they focus on production while trading company focus on both supplying chain and service to customer.
Have you ever considered if any problem arises when cooperate with factory.
And that factory rejects to do any compensate and give up to cooperate with your company.
What will you do?Giving up that product series?or finding new supplier?
But if you work with trading company,they afford this and do all other things for you.

At last,we say service,professional persons do what he is strong.

As conclusion,i say that guy is not successful purchaser.

INTOEN Knows what customers really need.
Our target is to be trading factory which holds more advantages and produce what we are strong in.
Help customers to integrate all the good resources and keep them top in market.

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